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What is Email Marketing?

đź’ĄIt sounds like the most crucial element to promote your brand, showcase marketing strategies to turn subscribers into potential customers. 

đź’ĄIrrespective of the type of business you own, Email Marketing builds relationships with customers, uses lead magnets to cultivate leads, and converts those into long-lasting customers. 

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👉Learn how to start building your email list through the best tips and tricks:

  • Upgrading content

An interactive blog post, a piece of content that goes viral, etc to name just a few are relevant for content up-gradation. Readers might have clicked through your blog post, so why don’t you grasp the advantage of their interest while delivering more offers in exchange for their email address?

  • Social Sharing Options

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The optimal way to generate site traffic is by sending out blog posts to email marketing lists. An email has multiple links to show up that increase CTR. Average CTR with social sharing raises to 6.2% for emails and non-sharing options are 2.4%. Each share builds huge traffic from multiple visitors. 

  • Engage your audience with a Giveaway

Do you know, the more you engage with users, the more they sign up in your email marketing list. Giveaway is one such option to create more traffic. It increases a goodwill manner with current subscribers as you are offering something for free. 

👉Include a compelling prize that your audience prefers

👉Referrals shall be given bonus entries

👉What could be given to non-winners? Bonus Incentives like a free option.

👉 Promotional strategies for potential audiences. 

  • Social Proof

Another method to opt is leveraging Social Proof. You can display a total number of subscriptions including email subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, etc. 

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See an example 👇

If 2000 email subscribers, 10,000 on Facebook, 15000 on Twitter, etc. None of the numbers is an impressive one. But you can make your potential customers feel a wow in the total subscriptions. Combine all numbers listed on the page. 


Increase contacts to your email marketing list by choosing the right strategies. Boost your subscription thereby increase your brand’s followers. Have you been with any of the strategies? Let us know!!! 

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