Strategies to Recover Crisis & Business Continuity Planning

The global shutdown due to COVID-19 had hit the economy into a critical level. Countries are putting up travel restrictions, big events are forced to cancel, etc. Fortunately, all business meetings and schedules are also canceled, staying safe at home.

By analyzing all these crises, business sectors are looking for ways to secure and recover faster. So during the lockdown, a big task to energize your business is Internet Marketing particularly SEO. This is a great opportunity to make your site rank in Search Engine & convert traffic into leads.

Businesses should maintain their website updated and increase digital relevance. Know your customer’s needs & find out ways to improve the business in the most effective way. Start developing new content in social media, check Google trends & make your business rank at the top.

Various other ways are:

  • Make Your Site Customer Friendly

*Write a detailed description of your products & provide the means to get more information like FAQ.

*Display your contact information on your home page.

*Encourage customers to leave their feedback.

  • Adopt ways to convert new users into leads

Make your visitors stay longer on your website through the following ways:

*Open chat box automatically

*Exit pop-ups

*Send emails & messages to users   regarding your products

*Remind them about your updates

  • Rank Your Website on top 

*Post satisfactory content on your site for the user’s search.

*Improve weakened pages content or use different keywords if your rank is falling down.

  • Increase the user’s click-through rates

The secret behind rating your site is by posting catchy text and graphic design relevant to your products and services. Make users engage with your updates by asking queries and replying to their comments.

To rate your business growth from this crisis, optimize the site with Digital Marketing & SEO, and always improve connection with customers.

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