Manage your Employees & Employers efficiently
Manage your job recruitment effectively!

Provision to manage your associated employers and employees through a centralized solution.

Significance of our System
Now recruit your employees to nursing homes and hospitals through MinderHub!

It is an interactive and ready to deliver Nursing Agency Management Solution. You can either manage your existing nursing agency or you can start your all new nursing agency business through our system.

Our solution got web and mobile apps, both employers and employees can register and manage their accounts and activities through this. We make use of unique algorithm that manages the need for a nursing staff of a hospital, and provides the most suitable staff based on their preferred timing, distance from the hospital and the previous work assigned to them. We takes into account all the needs of both the employer as well as the employee.

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Core Features of MinderHub
Complete hand over entire process and operations.
Manage multiple employers and employees
Manage multiple jobs and its systematic allocation
Worksheet and payment management
Detailed and filter wise custom reports
Review and ratings for further allocations
Block employers or employees from the system
Provide push notification of jobs and employer updates.