To manage Process, People, Products & Payments.

For the last five years, we worked for various clients across the globe for automating their work processes. We provide custom solutions with respect to client requirements after understanding their process flow, analyzing their gaps with betterment, and making their operations process-oriented.

Nexerp is a custom-made process automation solution for small and medium business enterprises for managing their process, people, products and payments. Nexerp is a stable ready-to-deliver product that helps you to scale up your business operations by providing you a 360-degree view across the business activities. Our vision for helping growing enterprises to upgrade themselves to stop dependencies and establish as a process-driven organization with a structured workflow.

nexERP Versions available for

Nexerp versions are available for the following business domains offering an option of customization which allows us to integrate your custom requirements or to customize with your existing business domain’s process flow.

  1. General Trading
  2. Retailer
  3. Wholesalers
  4. Clinics
  5. Manufacturers
  6. Service providers
  7. FMCG
  8. Contracting

Key Features

  • Analytical dashboard
  • Multiple branch management
  • Multiple language support.
  • User privileges
  • Reward system
  • Provision Integrate with E-commerce website
  • Stock transfer
  • E-way bill
  • POS
  • CRM module
  • Hardware integration
  • Online & Offline implementation
  • Backup option
  • Thermal Printer integration
  • To Do
  • Reminders & alerts.
  • Knowledge base
Why us?

Manual assignments require significant investment. They must be performed straightly by people who are inclined to mistakes and who can’t reliably perform to the best expectations. Robotization diminishes the number of errands you and your workers would some way or another need to do physically. This saves your opportunity to chip away at things that enhance the business, permitting you to be more inventive and expanding your representatives’ degrees of inspiration. Robotization additionally permits you to complete more in a similar measure of time, incredibly expanding profitability.

Robotized measures are constrained by characterized work processes that reliably work precisely and inside your characterized timetable. Robotization gives the trifecta of necessities to effective estimation. Contingent upon which measure you have picked to robotize (monetary, charging, assortments, deals, as well as help), key measurements can be recorded and written about to give you the key data you need.

Discuss | Evaluate | Plan | Finalize | Execute | Maintain | Grow

  • Custom ERP Solution
  • Inventory Management Solution
  • Billing `{`POS`}` Solution
  • Custom Human Resource Management Solution
  • Custom Accounting Solution
How we do it?

The first step involves meeting the client in person and giving an overview of our solution or services as well as its features and characteristics. Additionally, we also give a live demo of our existing solutions. This will help the client get a first-hand idea of our software and its unique features.

The second step involves collecting the required data from the client-side and its proper planning, our team do detailed R&D to make the solution better. It includes knowing the actual operation and the process involved in the organization. The main reason for this data collection is to customize the software as per the needs of the client’s organization.

This step involves preparing detailed documentation of the operation and process involved in the day-to-day management of the organization. It also involves proposing a solution as per the particular needs of the organization and proposed changes that may happen once the software is installed. Will include the client feedback and confirm the same.

The fourth step involves commencing the actual development of the software by our team. Once the work has been started we will issue a module-wise release of the software to the client. During this time the client gets an opportunity to test the application from the initial level so that they can monitor the software from the beginning and make any changes that they may deem fit.

The final step involves the actual deployment of the software in the client’s organization. After installing the software, we will give detailed training to your employees about how to use the software. In addition to that, we will also provide maintenance and support for the software. For support, we can provide a dedicated support team.


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