How to Meet the Increased Demand for Website Accessibility?

In this digitalized era, people depend on web searches for basic necessities. Due to the social distancing at the present time, the promotion of business sectors as well as people’s search over the web has increased to a great extent. Many websites and apps are trying to handle the increased demand for their services and products.

For example, many people have opted ‘Zoom’ to join employee meetings on helping patients & customers by appointment. But Zoom doesn’t have an option for closed captioning for video webinar with the free of cost. People with poor vision & disabilities need to pay a fee for captions. 

To help people survive this situation, websites are planning to make it available at no extra charge to the end-users. Closed captions help all sectors of people to listen & visualize even if speakers have an accent or mumble. The wordings will be highly focused and less getting distracted. The above example showed urgent pressure to improve website accessibility right now.

Understand your client’s needs, what do they require, how to solve it so as to figure out the necessity of accessing the website. Learn what is missing after a website or an app is released to the public.

Try out answers to some unseen questions as follows: 

  1. Have you planned any target market for user behavior?
  2. Other design ideas for your business
  3. What actionable steps are to be urgently taken to improve website accessibility?

With the current lockdown situation, business sectors, teaching staff, students, and the general public are forced to stay at home. Hence there is an utter need to improve website designing, testing & development that is user friendly.

COVID-19 has raised the profile and importance of digital channels for every business. Plan all the procedures & guidelines to explore website platforms accessible to the needy ones. 

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