Growth Marketing in Uncertain Times through new Facebook Features


During this pandemic period of COVID-19, many business professionals are focusing on some ideal ways to stay transparent with their clients. In this social distancing and lockdown, business sectors are experiencing a major impact and are analyzing ways to relook on how to manage and operate their business strategies. 

With an outbreak feature, Facebook brings out new platforms to roll out and support business organizations while providing various tools that connect with your customers.

Facebook is introducing a dedicated resource center for business with the latest information on COVID-19. This helps business management to upgrade their Digital Marketing and SEO through Facebook so that it connects the end customers as well as newly needed customers to your products and services. 

Facebook is also launching a major upgrade of Business Inbox in Messenger, making it user friendly and helping customers communicate directly with your products. 

COVID-19 tag post is another feature introduced by Facebook. While sharing business posts, there comes an option now to add a COVID-19 tag so that clients can outlook through your posts when looking for updates related to the pandemic.

As this pathetic era continues, it becomes the best and apt time for business sectors to rely upon social media for their top branding. Uphold your business, and move towards huge heights with social media. 

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