Google Ads Updates: Rolling Out New Features… Have a Quick Review!!

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After 3 months of further updations, Google Ads mobile app is upgraded with 2 new features on the go… This ensures advertisers monitor and boosts their marketing campaigns more efficiently. 

👉 Let’s have a glance at the new up-to-date features:

  1. Customized Notification regarding performance and standing adjustments. 
  2. More concurrent information about fluctuations over marketing campaigns. 

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👉 Hereby we roll out an outline of each of those updates.

  • Custom Notification

Google Ads mobile app now lets you with custom notifications that enhance advertiser’s to get notified of things vital to them. 

Let’s cite an example: To reach on top of conversion volume, advertisers can use the app programmed to notify them when the latter increases by a particular amount. 

🔥What Next??

  1. Go to the settings page and select notification
  2. Tap on the custom notification and turn up your alerts.
  • Performance Insights

Performance Insights or Efficiency insights are now added to Google Ads app to carry out campaigns even if you are unavailable at PC ie; advertisers can now check-in an entry via their smartphones. The app rectifies any vital adjustments, reveals the cause of such changes, and also suggests resolving issues.

  • Extended time

There has been a 3 months gap of no updates to Google Ads apps say Google Chrome, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Photos, etc such that iOS warned its users for using an out-of-date version. 

Recently, Google revised that it has no plans to promote an alternative way of monitoring its users. Moreover, all of its outdated apps may receive any recent activity updates throughout the upcoming days or weeks. 

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