9 Ways to Follow When Search Rankings Drop suddenly!!

Did your Google rankings drop dramatically? Don’t panic!! Most continually these dropouts may be due to variations of website changes or due to algorithm updates, technical issues, competitor growth, etc. It’s really hard to knock yourself in a low ranking even after your creatives. Often seems like the entire SEO works was in vain. Get your SEO on the right track. Consider the following tips:

  • Analyze the Basics of SEO

Do you find a 404 or 410 status code on the webpage? Use an HTTP status code checker to confirm your site is conveying a successful return. 200 series is a standard status code. Robots.txt provides instructions denying bots to crawl your site or avoiding duplicate pages.

  • Check Google Analytics

Google Analytics shows the visibility of your website, how long users interact or leave the current site.

  • Track Website Content

Unique and quality rich content determines high ranking factors to odd one out from the competitors. Copyscape and Siteliner are powerful tools to ensure an authentic website.

  • Page Load Factor

The faster your page loads, the more advanced is your ranking curve. PageSpeed Insight checks your website speed and improves page load time accordingly.

  • Check for Mobile-friendly Website

Ensure your site is compatible with mobile users. Use Mobile-friendly tests to check whether it functions smoothly on mobile platforms thereby removing pop-ups, unplayable contents, etc.

  • Audit your backlink profile

Other sites linking to your webpage are defined as backlinks. Always ensure auditing better-linked sites rather than low backlink profiles. Merging both authorized sites and spammy sites may affect your ranking as well.

  • Focus on the right keywords

Be proactive in targeting keywords highly browsed by the audience. High rated long-tailed keywords hit your website on top of Google and drive more traffic.

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Give these following techniques a try once you experience a drop in ranking. Analyze the drop, take actionable steps and polish your website for more responsive and user-friendly.

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